With or without today’s challenging endeavour of finding staff and managing their supply chain, maintaining a record of key temperature checks remains for restaurants and cafes. We understand that completing temperature checking procedures is a key task for most commercial kitchens in the UK, but one that can feel time-consuming and ‘box-ticking’ for various reasons. How can filling in these forms feel less like wasted time? 

Issues with the current system

As paper temperature checking forms need to be printed, this relies on staff members sourcing the nearest printer which may or may not be on-site. There is room for greater autonomy for staff members.

Filling out paper forms requires having a working pen to hand, which can get lost during a busy day. Rushed handwriting and filling in the forms retrospectively is commonplace in the food industry.

With some restaurants and cafes operating multiple kitchens, fridge units and dealing with delivery vans, there is a physical dimension to this routine task. This is calling out for a more mobile and simple solution.

How can the food industry adapt? 

There is scope for these checks to become digital and for a familiar paper system to change. Some restaurants and cafes use online templates or spreadsheets for this task, which is equally valid but may not be accessible to all the staff.

The new go-to app for food safety & checklists

Practices that have been built up over time can seem difficult to change. Yet, they may offer the most potential reward for businesses. Using an application to manage these checks is one way this process can adapt and we have just added a simple Toolbox to our app.

Based on official templates, our mobile app allows you to digitise all your food safety checks. The data is recorded on a spreadsheet that can be exported and printed at any time, saving time and energy in the process.

These tools complement the ecosystem we're building, allowing restaurants to run paperless workplaces and get things done faster, directly from their smartphone. If you want to give it a try, all you need is your phone, 3 minutes and that’s it!

You want to make food safety checks the easiest part of your job?
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